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Take the Family to Zimbabwe!

Our guide to the top 3 children-friendly safari lodges in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is an unfathomably beautiful country and lately quite untouched by tourists.

An incredible family-friendly itinerary into Zimbabwe should include a boat cruise on Lake Kariba, a 4×4 safari in Hwange and of course the grand finale: a visit to the majestic Victoria Falls.

Check out our top 3 safari lodges, camps and boats (!) for your family safari in Zimbabwe.

1. Tom’s Little Hide

A gorgeous 3 bedroom (10 guests) private house in Hwange National Park in the NW corner of Zimbabwe, near the international hub of Victoria Falls. This is a family-loving home which also has its own community trust.

Why Tom’s Little Hide is one of our top 3 safari lodges in Zimbabwe

1. All ages welcome

It’s not that often we find a beautiful bush lodge or camp which is really in the bush, and which will accept children of all ages. Tom’s Little Hide is a family-loving lodge that does just that – loves families with children of all ages.
And you don’t have to worry about your children distracting others because this camp is totally yours – complete with a private guide and vehicle.

2. Front row seats for the waterhole

It’s exhilarating to be on your private deck and be able to glance up from your gin and tonic to rest your eyes upon a group of erect tails passing by; as you focus you see the little warthog family trotting off after their drink. Or perhaps it’s a baby elephant getting a gentle slap from the matriarch in punishment for too much splashing.
Tom’s Little Hide is at eye level to a wonderfully active waterhole so you’ll not miss a thing when you’re relaxing at camp.

3. There’s a pool!

It’s surprisingly hard to have it all when it comes to staying in the bush: either you stay somewhere fabulously remote, OR you have a pool.
In the case of Tom’s Little Hide you are in a great spot AND you can laze by the pool all afternoon too.
Love love love it.

4. Easy meal times – together

As the dining is private, and the bedrooms are linked to the dining area, you can eat at a time to suit you all, staying together as a group no matter what the ages of the children. And as the young tire and head to bed, the grown ups can chat themselves through the evening with a glass in hand.

2. Victoria Falls Safari Suites

Why Victoria Falls Safari Suites is one of our top 3 safari lodges in Zimbabwe

1. Two & three bed suites

We know how hard it can be organising a group when half of them don’t know if they’re coming or going, and change their minds constantly over the course of the booking process.
The Safari Suites are both 2 and 3 bed so you can expand your group, or shrink it, and not have to worry about where to move everyone to. And there’s a sofa bed in the lounge, too!

2. Wildlife AND the Falls

Many who visit Victoria Falls stay right on the Falls or in town, and so are removed from the wonderful wildlife just beyond. At Vic Falls Safari Suites you are on the edge of the Zambezi National Park and just 4km from the Falls: best of both worlds (and there’s a complimentary hourly shuttle bus service to the town centre, craft markets and the Victoria Falls Rainforest).

3. Water all year!

The Victoria Falls can run pretty dry during the months of October – December, but the Zimbabwe side is deeper and has more water, so will have water when the Zambian side does not.
And talking of water – the Safari Suites have a lovely pool to cool off in too.

4. Great Value

It can be eye-wateringly expensive to take a group on safari. The Safari Suites are welcome relief to the wallet, without falling prey to the penny-pinching attitude of many a ‘good value’ lodge. The Suites include a complimentary mini bar and tae & coffee, for example.

3. Matusadona

Private luxury safari cruiser. It’s a spacious air-conditioned boat on Lake Kariba, with cabins for up to six passengers. Matusadona is accompanied by 2 tender boats and a speed boat for game viewing, sunset cruises and angling.

Why Matusadona is one of our top 3 safari ‘lodges’ in Zimbabwe

1. Your bedroom moves with you!

We all love seeing new places, but a typical safai itinerary will have you stop in one place for at least 2-3 nights, because packing up and travelling on can be tiring. The Matusadona enables you to cover vast distances of pristine Zimbabwe without lifting a finger.

2. So private

It’s not just about the private steward, chef, manager and captain, it’s also about the totally exclusive wildlife-viewing, the secluded spots in which you moor, the relaxation you feel in the jacuzzi knowing that absolutely no one other than those in your party will be disturbing you.

3. Incredible game viewing

You put your head together with the captain’s on day one and you decide where your trip will take you. This means you can consider the absolute latest information about conditions and head for the best wildlife-viewing experience.

3. So much space

Cruising doesn’t have to mean squeezing together in a tiny cabin. The Matusadona is all about elegance, and with that comes enough air around you to stretch out in all directions at any given moment.


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