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There are a million reasons why you’d say no, why it’s easier not to think about it this year. The trip is expensive; it’s such a lifetime experience don’t we want to take granny/the cousins; are the kids old enough; we might be moving house next year, is now the time?

But speak to anyone who has been on safari and they know that they would have moved heaven and earth for that same experience that they almost put off to another year.

There are a million reasons why you’d say no, but we know that there is a part of you which wants to say yes to the adventure now, this year, no excuses.

Here are Abambo’s top 10 reasons to go on safari:

1. Wildlife watching

The obvious point of safaris is the wildlife. Observing animals in their natural habitat brings a whole new meaning to wildlife watching. We aren’t just referring to the Big 5 either, but the birds, warthogs, and bush babies too. No game drive or boat cruise will ever be the same – each outing brings its own element of surprise.

Think we’re overexaggerating? Last year at Nsefu Camp in Zambia, lions were caught playing tug of war while the elephants were busy taking over the camp’s car park! You can read about it here.

go on safari

2. Award-winning luxe accommodation

2017 sees the standard of safari accommodations at an all time high and is a top reason to go on safari this year. From treehouses to island chalets, modern tented camps to floating hotels and eco-friendly retreats to grandiose hotels, there is no shortage of unique and quirky places to sleep in Africa. 5-star luxury in the middle of the bush is a real and beautiful thing. If it’s all sounding too good to be true, take a gander at how many African lodges made Travel and Leisure’s top 100 hotels of the world list.

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3. The best meals of your life

You may just indulge in some of the best meals of your life, on safari. Even in the most remote safari destinations you will find chefs, pastry chefs, and full kitchen teams preparing the most divine dishes in unbelievable African settings. We love Tongabezi’s sampan dining experience for this very reason.

go on safari

4. The incredible guide and ranger personalities

It must be known that the guys and gals in khaki, aka Africa’s guides and rangers, will be some of the most interesting and admirable people you’ll ever meet. Most have dedicated their lives to the conservation of wildlife and are committed to sharing their passion and knowledge with each wide-eyed guest. Pick their brain, ask them questions, and get to know your ranger over a cup of coffee at breakfast. You’ll be wildly impressed by their stories.

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5. You can bring the kids!

You don’t have to leave the kids behind to enjoy a safari holiday in Africa (but you can if you want). As family travel booms, Africa has responded. 2017 sees family rooms as the norm, and most safari lodges now cater to young children and teens. We know this because we’ve been to most of them with our families!

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to know that there’s more to it than just scouting for wildlife. Kids can take part in other activities such as swimming, horseback riding, fishing, cycling, going for a guided bush walk, roasting marshmallows by the fire and baking yummy treats with the kitchen staff.

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6. The bush and the beach

If there’s one common denominator to most fantastic family holidays, it’s the beach. Luckily, you don’t have to forfeit the ocean because it’s entirely possible, and quite normal, to combine a safari holiday with a beach holiday in the same trip. Mozambique, Mauritius, and Seychelles are some of our favourites and pair nicely with a few days in the bush. Zanzibar should be on your radar too, especially if interested in visiting Tanzania.

go on safari

7. The romance factor – honeymoon safari

Africa is honeymoon heaven. It’s original, whimsical, and adventurous all at once. Bubble baths, private plunge pools, sunset dinners, surprise champagne, and of course, elephants – what more could you ask for in a romantic holiday? At the moment, we’re totally smitten by Garonga’s renovated Sleep Out Deck for the honeymooners and safari romantics of the world.

8. Being outdoors is good for the soul

People underestimate the happiness effect of being outdoors and it’s a darn shame. Science continues to tell us nature is good for the brain, so why do we wait until we’re overfatigued to listen? A walk in the neighbourhood will do, but nothing revives the soul quite like sundowners, outdoor showers, bush walks, stargazing, and precious encounters with wild ones.

go on safari

9. The memories when you return home

For some, this is the best bit. The moment you return to your wifi-kingdom and share your pictures with your family, friends, and beloved Instagram followers. “Was the elephant really that close you?” “Yeah, it was no big deal…I wasn’t scared at all!”

The memories won’t fade any time soon and happy memories make you happier.

go on safari

10. We’ll help you every step of the way

Not sure where to go on safari, or what visa requirements or vaccinations you’ll need? What about airlines, road transfers and private charters? Every one of us at Abambo have been actively exploring Africa for the last 20 years. We challenge you to ask a question we don’t know the answer to. Call us for a chat, send us an email, or download our free eBook, The Ultimate Safari Planning Guide for Families.

Start saving those leave days! You’ll want at least a full week’s worth to go on safari.

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