Tips for taking teenagers on safari

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Travelling with teenagers can be tricky. Moody, stubborn and detached; it’s hard enough to get teenagers off their mobile phones, let alone get them to go along on a family holiday. When you’ve got thirteen years olds with direct access to an escape from reality and endless information and entertainment online, it becomes increasingly difficult for parents to connect with … Read More

Why We’re Crazy About The Victoria Falls

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Visiting The Victoria Falls on your next Safari vacation

“Scenes so lovely they must be gazed upon by angels in their flight.” This is how Scottish explorer, David Livingstone described his first glimpse of the falls in 1855 when he stepped foot on Livingstone Island. He named the waterfall after the British queen, Victoria, and it’s been charming royalty (and the rest of us) ever since. The Victoria Falls, … Read More

Packing for an African Safari – the ‘Big 5’ Do’s and Don’ts!

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Packing for a safari can be a tricky task, especially if you’re a first timer. From unpredictable weather patterns, to not knowing what you’ll need when you’re there, it’s easy to over pack. Unfortunately, luggage space is not often a luxury that one is afforded on safari. Baggage weight restrictions on small aircrafts are often very limiting (sometimes only 15kg … Read More

Top 10 Safari Faux Pas

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Baboon with head in hand

Wearing army camouflage clothing
A fashion faux pas the world over, and illegal attire for civilians in many African countries. Avoiding bright colours and opting for neutral tones will have the same effect as camouflage gear, and help you avoid an unwanted run-in with the local authorities.

Presuming animals are tame and timid Do not exit the vehicle, and whatever you do, “don’t assume that the blasé attitude of wild animals means that they won’t bite you” (Peter Hathaway Capstick, ‘Safari’).