Find me an African Safari Lodge Close to the Airport!

MJ CobbLuxury Safari

Leobo: lodge close to the airport

‘I”m a grandmother, can I get to a safari lodge directly and quickly from my international flight? Is there a safari lodge close to the airport in Africa?’ Now in her seventies this grandmother plans to continue her safaris in Africa, all over and as often as possible. The one thing that has become increasingly important for me at my age, … Read More

Taking Children on Safari

RosanneLuxury Safari

Kids laughing with safari guide

‘What?? You’re taking children on safari? To Africa? Is it safe?!’ And then you start to doubt yourself. I mean, is it safe, taking children on safari? I wouldn’t want to put my kids in danger. You hear stories like ‘a dingo ate my baby’ and you wonder. Oh hold on, that’s Australia isn’t it? But still, it could as … Read More

The Indulgent Perks of a Luxury Safari Holiday

Hillary GaertnerLuxury Safari

A safari holiday may be the ultimate bucket-list trip and it’s not just because of the wildlife. The chance to witness lions, elephants, and hippos in their wild setting is unquestionably surreal. But as Travel and Leisure so eloquently put in a recent round up of the top safari lodges in the world, “the safari dream is also about experiencing … Read More

Family Safari South Africa: August Report 2016

RosanneLuxury Safari

‘The mind-bending landscapes, like Entabeni, when you’re driving on what you think is just flat land, and then you suddenly you drive down a mountain face and you turn around and there’s 7 or 8 mountains, and the plains.. it’s unbelievable, with animals everywhere!‘ This was cousin Jamie, telling me what he found unexpected on his Cobb family safari in South … Read More