Top 10 Safari Faux Pas

RosanneSafari Tips

Baboon with head in hand

Wearing army camouflage clothing
A fashion faux pas the world over, and illegal attire for civilians in many African countries. Avoiding bright colours and opting for neutral tones will have the same effect as camouflage gear, and help you avoid an unwanted run-in with the local authorities.

Presuming animals are tame and timid Do not exit the vehicle, and whatever you do, “don’t assume that the blasé attitude of wild animals means that they won’t bite you” (Peter Hathaway Capstick, ‘Safari’).

Grief for Cecil is no bad thing for conservation


Cecil the lion

In recent weeks the media has gone mad for a beautiful lion named Cecil, dubbing him the slaughtered ‘pride and joy’ of Zimbabwe. The online shrine has been supported and perpetuated by the public, celebrities and conservation organisations alike.