Nature and Children: Close the Gap!

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Walking with Bushmen

Eco-psychologist, Bill Plotkin says that the best template for human maturation from birth through old age is equal parts nature and culture. And we couldn’t agree more. As family safari experts, we’ve seen firsthand how children relish in nature’s classroom while learning about flora, fauna, ecosystems and the different seasons. In addition to this, children who are connected to the … Read More

Africa All Inclusive Vacations Under $500 a Day

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best all inclusive vacations

This isn’t a late April Fool’s joke. We know an African safari holiday can look like an expensive vacation at first glance, but here’s what you need to know – there is A LOT included in the price of your stay. Like twice daily game drives, one in the morning and afternoon when the animals are most active. On the … Read More

Traditional South African Food that Kids Will Love

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Dinner time on safari

For foodies, this is a dream come true. For parents, it can sound like a nightmare. Getting children to eat their meals on a good day can be a challenge, so the idea of asking them to try a food they’re completely unfamiliar with, can seem laughable.  While there is no shortage of restaurants and cafes in South Africa offering … Read More

Malaria-Free Family Safari

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Malaria-Free family safari South Africa

When planning a trip to Africa, malaria is of one of the only major medical factors to take into consideration. Transmitted through the bite of a female Anopheles mosquito, malaria is present in many African countries and can be a serious cause for concern for parents wanting to travel with their children. While it is possible to prevent malaria with … Read More

Top 5 Spots for Safari Sundowners

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Sunset is a particularly special time of day on safari. It’s as if Mother Nature gives us the perfect excuse to stop and take a moment to enjoy the scenery as the sun drops out of the sky. Why wouldn’t you grab that opportunity with both hands? Whether out at a scenic spot in the wilderness, or just relaxing back … Read More