Where do Lions Live?

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Where do lions live: shutterstock_221311156 lioness

The good news is that there are lions in every country in Sub-Saharan Africa, and many more places besides. There are lions in Botswana and South Africa; there are lions in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia; there are tons of lions in Eastern Africa: in Kenya and Tanzania; there are now lions again in Rwanda, and in Mozambique; there are lions … Read More

Best Time of Year for a Family Safari?

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Best time of year for a family safari: Family in safari vehicle Zambia

This is the big question: what time of year is best to go on safari. It’s one that everyone struggles with: it’s such a big trip and you want to get it right. Guests ask us: ‘Is there a particularly good time of year to see wildlife?’ ‘What’s the difference if I choose to go on safari in July or … Read More

Top 3 Children-Friendly Safari Lodges Zimbabwe

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Victoria Falls Spray - Best family friendly safari zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is an unfathomably beautiful country and lately quite untouched by tourists. An incredible family-friendly itinerary into Zimbabwe should include a boat cruise on Lake Kariba, a 4×4 safari in Hwange and of course the grand finale: a visit to the majestic Victoria Falls. Check out our top 3 safari lodges, camps and boats (!) for your family safari in … Read More

The Circle of Life – Why Simba is eating Pumba

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The Circle of Life

Your guide has found you a kill: this is what you’ve all been waiting for! But then an innocent voice asks, “Mom, why is Simba eating Pumba?”. We don’t often consider that nature can be traumatic for a child – or an adult. A guest recently had to comfort their child well into the night after experiencing a predator eat … Read More